Upgrade from an older major Version to the Current Main Program
Thanks for using DJ-Serv!

Although we offer many software updates free, when we release a new major version we require a small upgrade fee, and we now include some top new features, like:

**        Integrated Windows Media and SHOUTcast streaming interface.

**        Updated PlayingNow images to reflect the latest Amazon API.

**         Button Walls: Instantly play any library audio item in the         Button Boxes!

**        Improved FTP and Shoutcast updating code.

**        Improved Adding Audio Code, more options!

**        Option to append (year) after artist-title in shoutcast meta.
If you do not wish to upgrade, simply uninstall DJ-Serv, and re-install your pre-release copy. But then you will miss all the great new features! Please note that we do not offer downloads, nor any support for previous DJ-Serv versions.
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