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Streaming to SHOUTcast using DJ-Serv:Tutorial
Follow these simple steps to stream to your shoutcast server using DJ-Serv streamers:
1.) In DJ-Serv's main menu, open the streamers: (or hit F9)
2.) This shows the streamers. Choose a streamer, then hit the Shoutcast tab to select shoutcast streaming (rather than Windows Media). Choose Stream1 tab at top, then be sure to choose SHOUTcast tab!
3.) Next, choose a bitrate. If your shoutcast server is hosted through a provider, you will have an agreed maximum bitrate. Do not exceed this else he might ban you! Higher bit rates sound nicer, but they cost more and require a better internet connection both on your side and on your listeners' side. In the example here, we have chosen 96k stereo, which is almost cd-quality mp3 bitrate.
4.) You now need to configure the actual connection options to your server. IMPORTANT: Your server provider will give you some basic information, like "address", "port" and "password". You need this info to continue!

So now hit the adjust properties button below where you chose the bitrate:

5.) Carefully enter your streaming provider (shoutcast server details into the boxes). Click on each box in turn to enter the information:

Stream is public: Set this checked if you want your server to list itself on
Genre: Describes the format of your station (eg rock,pop,ballads)
Stream URL: YOUR website address (where you want listeners to visit)
Server IP Address: this is the address given to you by your provider, example:

Server Password: Put in the password given to you by the server admin here

Server Port: You will have been assigned a port number by your SHOUTcast server provider. Enter that here.

6.) When done press OK to be returned to the streamer window. You can now test the settings by hitting the Go button. If all is well, the streamer will run. If not, it will show you that there has been an error. If it errors, review your settings carefully and try again