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DJ-Serv Dj Software PRO MODE 
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DJ-Serv PRO is the full version of Dj-Serv. It includes the built-in scheduling software, and is designed for internet radio stations, terrestrial stations or for fun at home with your mp3 collection! Streaming options built in for Shoutcast and Windows media. Clever audio routing means you can use audio processing on selected audio feeds (compression/limiting) and much more. New in DJServ 2.0: see your listener stats in real time!

DJ-Serv DJ Software PRO license is for one copy of DJ-Serv on one computer. You can make playlists, make scheduled playlists according to categories / rotations and rotate playlists, or format clocks. Ideally suited to an internet radio station on a tight budget.

DJ-Serv Party Mode DJ Software 
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Enjoy all the features of our new Dj Software at a great price! - Excludes use of the scheduler, but includes all other features of DJ Serv 2.0

For mobile dj software use, at home - make non stop music for parties! Fully featured as the PRO edition, but scheduled (rotation) playlists may not be used in the PARTY edition of DJ-Serv.

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